Listen, our babies have absolutely zero opinion on what they’ll get for Christmas this year. They will be utterly delighted with the boxes, tissue paper, and the gift bags. So, if you want to give them an empty box – go for it – the pressure is off. In short, Christmas gifts for our babies are actually Christmas gifts for us. And now that we have that out of the way, here are all of the gifts your “baby” doesn’t know how to ask for this year:

crinkle book | silicone cell phone | silicone stackers | stacking cups | rainbow

silicone stacker | number puzzle | indestructible book (there are so many!) | black & white cards | feelings chart

hair + body wash | all over ointment | stacking boats | hooded towel

nugget | soft stacking blocks | mini bike | gathre block playset | play kitchen

bravery badges (bandaids) | no-spill cup | hydroflask | baseball cap | snack cup | soccer ball

piggy paint | picture puzzle | grippy socks | stacking rocket | bath toys | bath bomb

doona trike | helmet | scooter | baby bronco | balance bike | wagon

yoto player | kitchen tower | block set | guitar | mega blox

Christmas is the most wonderful time of year to wind up with a lot of clutter that won’t last. If you’re on the hunt to purchase gifts for kids who aren’t in your household, here’s what I recommend: consumables (bath soap, bath bombs, fun bandaids, crayons, stickers, watercolor paints) and practicals (fun toothbrush, books, socks, pajamas, tote or backpack, fidget toys, water bottle). Depending on your budget, you could also consider an experience gift (membership passes to the zoo, enrollment in swim lessons, gift card to an ice cream shop, tickets to a soccer game). Remember, when you’re shopping for a baby, you’re actually shopping for the mom. And trust me, the mom will love these.

Many of these links are affiliate, which means I might make a small amount off of your purchase. If you decide to buy something from this list, I really appreciate you using my link! XOX.


I’m sending this shelfie sunday through the rinse cycle while I share a few of my favorite shower products with you.

Kevin Murphy MAXI.WASH is a great clarifying shampoo. If you’re spending time in the pool this summer, you should use a detox shampoo like this once a week to deep clean your scalp and get rid of the chlorine, other chemicals, and product build up. This is a great shampoo for curly hair and men, too! Please don’t buy this from Amazon… salon quality products might be cheaper on Amazon, and it’s because they’re often dupes of the real thing.

A scalp brush is great for massaging shampoo into your scalp for a deeper clean. Plus, it feels great!

Davines DEDE Conditioner is moisturizing but lightweight. It’s a great choice for a daily conditioner that is compatible with all hair types.

ACURE Brightening Cleansing Gel is my favorite face wash. I keep it in the shower and wash my face while conditioner sits. Pro tip: wash your neck and chest, too!

ViaBuff facial exfoliation buff isn’t too harsh, which is key. The pack comes with a variety of textures so that you can find the perfect one for your skin type. I squirt my cleanser directly onto the buff to clean my face and exfoliate dead skin at the same time.

Flamingo Foaming Shave Gel pairs perfectly with my Flamingo razor… and it’s only $5!

How to Fall in Love with Nashville

Danny and I have been going to Nashville nearly every year since 2014. It is at the very top of my list of favorite cities. Don’t you dare come at me with hate words against Nashville because I claim it as my own.

I’ve had a note saved on my phone for years that I’ll send to friends and anyone who asks for Nashville recommendations on Instagram. I figured it was time to put it here for the public. Go forth and boot scoot boogie.

Note: There are few walkable neighborhoods in Nashville. Most of these spots will require you to drive from place to place. That’s the most common thing I hear from people who claim they don’t like Nashville… “There was too much driving.” So, do with that what you will and set your expectations right before you show up in Music City.

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Winter Meal List

If you’re like me, coming up with meal ideas in the winter is difficult. Summertime is great because the grill is our go-to, so eating meats and veggies feels simple and is always delicious. But, when there is snow on the ground and the temps are lower than 10, all I want to eat is warm soup and bread. So, I took to my trusty friends on instagram and asked them for simple go-to meal ideas. Here’s a list split up into categories for you! I also recommend listening to this episode of The Lazy Genius for meal-planning wizardry.

I came up with three categories based on the meal ideas below. When planning dinner, I can be sure I’m mixing up what we eat by writing in a category each day for the month and then choosing what sounds good week-by-week before going to the store.

Bowl & Bread

Sandwich and a Side

Quick Clean Up

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I asked Instagram what I should buy from Ulta because I felt clueless. Here are the top recommended items to add to your list the next time you make a trip to Ulta!


The Ordinary Glycolic Acid 7% (PM) You’ll need cotton pads, too!

ACURE Brightening Cleansing Gel (AM + PM)

ACURE Brightening Vitamin C Serum (AM + PM)

Florence by Mills Dreamy Dew Moisturizer (AM + PM)

So far, I like all of the products that I bought!

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Christmas Lists

Lol @ 2003 me 🎁

I found these pieces of paper folded up in an old purse last week and am now left to imagine The Delia’s Catalog Energy I must have exuded walking through Kenwood Towne Centre on a Saturday in December without a chaperone. I made a list of gifts for people and a list of the stores I wanted to stop in (more than ½ are clearly shops for myself… and more than ½ no longer exist). But finding these lists spurred on some questions to consider as you wrap up (👀) your Christmas shopping:

💫 What do they love? What comes up often in your conversations?
💫 Do they value practical or sentimental? Experiences or decorations?
💫 What could you make* or buy them to help them feel seen and known this year?
💫 Is there a local spot that sells that item?

*It’s been a rough year and I think your loved ones will understand if you don’t have the typical funds to spend on gifts. Get creative! Write a heartfelt letter, craft coupons for quality time, paint ornaments, or make hot chocolate kits.

The purse in question. Bless the fashion sense and confidence of middle school girls.