Christmas Lists

Lol @ 2003 me 🎁

I found these pieces of paper folded up in an old purse last week and am now left to imagine The Delia’s Catalog Energy I must have exuded walking through Kenwood Towne Centre on a Saturday in December without a chaperone. I made a list of gifts for people and a list of the stores I wanted to stop in (more than ½ are clearly shops for myself… and more than ½ no longer exist). But finding these lists spurred on some questions to consider as you wrap up (👀) your Christmas shopping:

💫 What do they love? What comes up often in your conversations?
💫 Do they value practical or sentimental? Experiences or decorations?
💫 What could you make* or buy them to help them feel seen and known this year?
💫 Is there a local spot that sells that item?

*It’s been a rough year and I think your loved ones will understand if you don’t have the typical funds to spend on gifts. Get creative! Write a heartfelt letter, craft coupons for quality time, paint ornaments, or make hot chocolate kits.

The purse in question. Bless the fashion sense and confidence of middle school girls.

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