How to Fall in Love with Nashville

Danny and I have been going to Nashville nearly every year since 2014. It is at the very top of my list of favorite cities. Don’t you dare come at me with hate words against Nashville because I claim it as my own.

I’ve had a note saved on my phone for years that I’ll send to friends and anyone who asks for Nashville recommendations on Instagram. I figured it was time to put it here for the public. Go forth and boot scoot boogie.

Note: There are few walkable neighborhoods in Nashville. Most of these spots will require you to drive from place to place. That’s the most common thing I hear from people who claim they don’t like Nashville… “There was too much driving.” So, do with that what you will and set your expectations right before you show up in Music City.

12 South is probably the most walkable street in Nashville. I highly recommend this area for coffee, lunch or dinner, and shopping. Park on one of the side streets off of 12 South, like Sweetbriar or Paris


  • Burger Up
  • Edleys BBQ
  • Bar Taco
  • Locust
  • Taqueria Del Sol
  • Josephine


  • Savant Vintage
  • Serendipity
  • Emerson Grace
  • Vinnie Louise
  • Outdoor Voices
  • Draper James
  • Imogene + Willie
  • Madewell
  • Marine Layer
  • White’s Mercantile


  • Frothy Monkey
  • Portland Brew


  • Jeni’s Ice Cream
  • Las Paletas (popsicles)
  • 5 Daughters Bakery


Sevier Park – Farmer’s Market on Tuesdays


  • 8th Street Antiques 
  • Grimey’s Records
  • Proper Bagel
  • Bongo Java
  • A 25 minute drive from 12 South will take you to Radnor Lake State Park. I love walking here.


  • Milk + Honey (brunch)
  • Biscuit Love
  • Moto 
  • Saint Añejo
  • Sambuca


  • Barista Parlor
  • Killebrew Coffee


  • Mas Tacos 
  • The Pharmacy 
  • Hunter’s Food Hall
  • Shep’s Deli
  • Hawker’s Asian Street Food
  • Folk
  • Redheaded Stranger


  • Local Honey (hair salon)
  • Grimey’s Records
  • Anaconda Vintage
  • Fatherland District (many shops)


  • Living Waters (brewery + coffee)
  • Elegy
  • Slow Hand Coffee + Bakeshop
  • Barista Parlor (my favorite location)


  • Grilled Cheeserie
  • Pancake Pantry
  • Hopdoddy

*A handful of shops and boutiques


  • Crumbl Cookies
  • Jeni’s Ice Cream


  • Dose Coffee


  • City House 
  • 5th & Taylor
  • Butchertown Hall
  • Rolf and Daughters
  • Henrietta Red


  • Bits and Pieces Antiques
  • Abednego  


  • Barista Parlor 
  • Steadfast Coffee

Here’s the thing: I’ve only been to Broadway once for a bachelorette weekend. In my opinion, there are too many people and too many chain restaurants. There IS live music, which is a perk if you’re into that.


  • Hattie B’s
  • White Limozeen


  • Crema (coffee)
  • Three Brothers Coffee
  • Pinewood Social – bowling, coffee, patio, restaurant 


  • Cookout (for the best milkshake you can buy at 2 AM)
  • The Patterson House (speakeasy bar)
  • Printers Alley (bar and karaoke) 


  • Centennial Park

We’ve seen a handful of shows in Nashville and would recommend checking out these venues. You can go to the venue’s website, find an artist who is playing (many of them are up-and-coming), and buy a ticket.

  • The Cannery / Mercy Lounge
  • The Basement
  • The Ryman
  • Bluebird Cafe

These will be controversial, but here’s a short list of places everyone will tell you to go that I personally think are overrated:

Biscuit Love – go to Milk & Honey instead.

Five Daughters Bakery – go to Fox’s Donut Den instead.

Pancake Pantry – go to Barista Parlor instead. Quick note: these Pancakes are seriously delicious and absolutely worth your time if you wake up early and don’t have to wait in line. Nothing, including these pancakes, is worth waiting in line for over an hour.

Bar Taco – go to Mas Tacos instead.

Robert’s Western World – go to Bluebird Cafe instead.

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