In step with the way this year has gone, Christmas still feels months away, but will be here before we know it. Here are a few ideas to help you figure out what to buy (or ask for) as you plan your holiday shopping list. Bonus! Everything I included is under $25.

  1. A great brush like this ion blowout vent with boar
  2. Teleties, pack of three
  3. A beanie like this exclusive from High Five Salon or my fave from anthropologie
  4. Hair product (I love kevin murphy)
  5. Headbands: pearl studded headband, knotted headband
  6. Hair clips: anthropologie clips, amazon clips, handzy clips
  7. Styling clips: wet brush brand
  1. Capri Blue diffuser oil: volcano and spiced cider
  2. Capri Blue candle: volcano
  3. A colorfully printed notebook
  1. Thrifted milk glass vases and candlestick holders
  2. Colorful candlesticks that come in a pack
  3. A great cookbook like The Sprouted Kitchen
  4. Cloth napkins: green and pink
  5. A fun paper napkin holder

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