After years of hoping and trying to grow our family, our house is starting to show the signs of it. We have an eight-month-old who, along with the growing number of gadgets and teething toys and safety supplies, has made our home fuller and better, finally.

I imagine our souls were weaving together from the moment he began growing inside me and now our spaces are woven together, too. There is a drawer dedicated to his bibs and bowls and a drying rack on our counter for just-washed bottles. A mini latte bowl holds his pacifiers on our dining room table and burp cloths are stored in small stacks all around the house (yet there never seems to be one in reach when it’s needed).

I love that his high chair pushes right up to the dining room table in between our antique chairs. I love that his toys are scattered on the floor in every room. Like a groggy hug after nap time, his life is nestled up alongside ours and it feels so familiar. When I see a rattle left behind on the side table or catch a glimpse of my nursing cart peeking from behind the yellow chair in our living room, I’m reminded that our son has completely changed the way our home looks. And like our home, our life is different — fuller and better — because he’s finally here.

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We bought our house in July 2017, so it wasn’t until the following May that we found out the previous owner planted seven peony bushes in our front yard. My favorite flower! After a hard winter, it was the reminder I needed that God was working under the surface and was going to make something good of it.

Now, every middle-of-May God shows up and shows off through our peony bushes to remind me that he’s all about abundance and I’m still invited into it.

Convinced and Commissioned

It’s easy to fall for fancy captions and pretty pictures to make you believe a life with Jesus looks convenient.

The last year has helped me process and redefine what God’s faithfulness looks like in our life, and, spoiler alert, it’s bigger and deeper than getting what we want. I learned firsthand that his faithfulness is rooted in the promise of the last words Jesus says — “I am with you always, to the end of the age.” When we don’t get what we want and when we feel the most alone, he’s there.

I hope my life with Jesus looks like I’m convinced that promise is true. Because the last time Jesus showed up to the disciples, he didn’t promise them great convenience, he gave them a great commission.

We Don’t Have to Hide

I felt encouraged this morning to say something to anyone who has ever felt shame from religion— I’m sorry for the people in your life who got it wrong. From the very beginning of the bible, the God I’ve come to know searches out Adam and Eve in their hiding. In the moment they feel shame, he seeks them out and it sets the tone for the rest of the Story. I used to think I should avoid God when I broke the rules, but now I know he cares more about righting our relationship.

I’m so sorry if you’ve felt like it would be easier to hide from God than approach him with your weaknesses. I hope someday it will feel a little easier for you to believe that he knows everything about you and he loves you anyway.