Agree to It

We have our vows to each other on our nightstands. The promises Danny spoke over me 5.5 years ago are within arms length from me when I wake up. But, if I’ve learned anything from 10 Valentine’s Days spent with him, it’s that I have to actively agree that those promises are true.
Some days I wake up already agreeing to a belief that I’m unloveable, too much, not enough. Those days feel dark and lonely. But when I’m intentional about agreeing that his words are still true, it’s as if a light turns on and wins over my dark and lonely. I’ve learned that I’m always agreeing with something, and it takes effort to agree to the truth, but there’s joy waiting there.

God speaks incredible promises over you. His truth is always within arms length when you wake up in the morning. Actually, it’s even closer than that, but it’s easy to overlook. I wish it wasn’t. But the best news I’ve ever heard is that no matter how I feel towards God, he is constant in his love for me. I’m more loved by him right now than I’ve ever been and more loved right now than I’ll ever be, and I just get to agree to it. You just get to agree to it.

No matter your relationship status on a day like today, you have hope and love and worth spoken over you, and you just get to agree to it.