“OJ,” he said. “You want orange juice?” I asked. “Only Jesus. He’s all we need.” As I sat across the kitchen table from my grandpa who is aging rapidly these days, I couldn’t help but think about how his body is quite literally wasting away, but as it does, the more clearly I see his spirit being renewed.

My grandpa can barely walk, but he sits and prays. He can’t do housework, but he knows where he’ll live forever. He isn’t as capable as he used to be, but he cries when he talks about Jesus. His voice is weak, but he preaches to me with his presence.

Yayee gets it. He knows that our worth isn’t dependent on our goodness or strength… or even us at all. There aren’t accolades or resumes or longer to-do lists that will give us what we’re looking for. OJ. Only Jesus. He’s all we need.