Sailor is very easily one of the sweetest people I’ve ever met. She doesn’t seek the spotlight and instead lives in a way that shines it on her friends. If I had to guess I would say that she’s not one to worry about being popular at Mason, but that she’s one of the most likable people in the school. She is applying to the University of Cincinnati, University of Kentucky, and Liberty University and will flourish in college with a schedule that allows time for coffee dates with friends in between classes. ; )


After high school, I hope to be remembered as a consistent and authentic friend and as the girl who held onto her hope in Jesus more than she held onto high school. 

“And even on the hardest days when you are not sure how you will make it, may you know each breath you breathe is still a sign of your strength. And your slow and steady pace is wrapped in endless grace”
-Morgan Harper Nichols

I’m trying my best to follow Jesus, just follow Jesus. I am passionate about being genuine and authentic with the people around me and making other people feel cared for and seen in a room.


Hey Sailor, you exude patience and gentleness which makes it easy and comfortable to be around you. You have a quiet spirit, but you’re incredibly strong in spirit at the very same time. I hope you believe deeply that you are just as loved + seen as you make your friends feel. Your burdens aren’t too heavy and your feelings aren’t too much. I’m excited about the ways you’ll continue to grow in your relationship with God and in the ways your testimony will change people’s lives. Keep going, even if your pace is slow and steady. -KT


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