Chad + Christy met in high school and spent their first date by the lake that is down the path from the house where Christy grew up. So, it seemed appropriate that Chad would ask her to be his wife on the same dock where they first began to grow feelings for each other. Young love is something special. It’s unfiltered, affectionate, unashamed, and deeply rooted in hope. Watching the proposal from behind my lens was a gift, really. These two have an incredible love for each other. It bubbled out of them and I swear it could have filled up Landen Lake.

Christy’s BFFs from Miami, Anna Kate + Kylynne, picked her up from a restaurant where she was eating with her family and drove her to the lake where Chad waited for her. I love how he planned the night in order to catch Christy by complete surprise.

Christy kept saying, “YOU’RE MY FIANCEE!” It was adorable.


After the proposal, they walked up the path to Christy’s house where their close friends and family waited for them.

And then there were hugs. So many hugs.

(Bundt cakes aren’t hugs, but let’s be real… they feel like a hug in the form of food.)

Chad and Christy, you make a good pair. I hope your love for each other always feels like it did when you were seventeen. Keep going back to the lake, keep dreaming together, and never stop falling in love.

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