Class of 2017 Senior Model Portal

Delaney, Haley, Madison, Kate, Mollee, and Renée,


Maybe we’ve met before, and maybe we haven’t. Either way, I am extremely thankful for you to embark on this journey with me. We are going to have SO. MUCH. FUN. I can’t wait for the six of you to get to know each other and become friends through this process!

Step One: Complete & return the questionnaire.
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Step Two: Choose your outfits.
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Q: What is the date of the styled shoot?
A: Currently, I plan to have the styled shoot on Saturday, May 14. Plan to block off 2 PM-7 PM. In the event of rain, I plan to move the date to Sunday, May 22.

Q: Will I need to sign up for an additional session in order to receive senior photos, or will there be individual photos taken during this session?
A: The senior styled shoot will include both group photos and individual photos. The hope is that by the end of the styled shoot, you will have a variety of photos, including individual shots, to share on social media and choose for the yearbook.

Q: What does it cost?
A: I will be providing my services for free. I am currently working with a salon to discuss pricing for hair. It is possible there will be a fee to cover hair & makeup costs, but I will completely waive my photography fees in order to keep the price as low as possible for you.

Q: Why are you doing this for free?
A: I have been taking senior photos for 5 years now, but this year I am hoping to expand my business by building my brand in schools around Cincinnati. In the past, I’ve done a few sessions a year with girls I know through leading Young Life. However, this year I am hoping to make my name known in high schools where girls would not know me without your help. So, my hope is that you’ll partner with me by sharing photos on social media following the styled shoot and by recommending me to your senior friends! As a thank you, I’m happy to waive my photography fees.

Q: What do I wear?
A: In order to make sure the group photos turn out well, I will be providing guidelines on what to wear on the day of the shoot. These guidelines will likely stick to a color scheme. I want you to choose something you feel most comfortable and beautiful in, but I don’t want girls’ styles to clash either. So, if you ask to wear a prom dress and another girl asks to wear sweat pants, I might ask you to find a middle ground. (;
I plan to have 2 outfits for the shoot. One of the styles will be jewel-tone themed (magenta, deep teal, emerald) and the other will be white and denim. I will be adding a board on Pinterest for you to look at for inspiration. Please feel free to send outfit ideas or questions to me!

Q: Will you be in charge of printing the photos or will I?
A: For every senior session I do, I give each person a flash drive with all of the edited photos. With the flash drive you have the rights to the photos and can use them as you wish. This means sharing over the internet, but also printing as you please (any size, quantity, etc). I typically recommend using or a local printer like Walgreens. This method actually keeps the cost lower for you because when a photographer prints copies, they typically increase the price in order to make profit.


Q: Will you choose the location or will I?
A: For the styled shoot, I am going to choose the location to make sure it fits with the vision. I promise it will be great. (; I have narrowed down the location options, but am still finalizing my decision. It will be nature-centric.

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