Listen, our babies have absolutely zero opinion on what they’ll get for Christmas this year. They will be utterly delighted with the boxes, tissue paper, and the gift bags. So, if you want to give them an empty box – go for it – the pressure is off. In short, Christmas gifts for our babies are actually Christmas gifts for us. And now that we have that out of the way, here are all of the gifts your “baby” doesn’t know how to ask for this year:

crinkle book | silicone cell phone | silicone stackers | stacking cups | rainbow

silicone stacker | number puzzle | indestructible book (there are so many!) | black & white cards | feelings chart

hair + body wash | all over ointment | stacking boats | hooded towel

nugget | soft stacking blocks | mini bike | gathre block playset | play kitchen

bravery badges (bandaids) | no-spill cup | hydroflask | baseball cap | snack cup | soccer ball

piggy paint | picture puzzle | grippy socks | stacking rocket | bath toys | bath bomb

doona trike | helmet | scooter | baby bronco | balance bike | wagon

yoto player | kitchen tower | block set | guitar | mega blox

Christmas is the most wonderful time of year to wind up with a lot of clutter that won’t last. If you’re on the hunt to purchase gifts for kids who aren’t in your household, here’s what I recommend: consumables (bath soap, bath bombs, fun bandaids, crayons, stickers, watercolor paints) and practicals (fun toothbrush, books, socks, pajamas, tote or backpack, fidget toys, water bottle). Depending on your budget, you could also consider an experience gift (membership passes to the zoo, enrollment in swim lessons, gift card to an ice cream shop, tickets to a soccer game). Remember, when you’re shopping for a baby, you’re actually shopping for the mom. And trust me, the mom will love these.

Many of these links are affiliate, which means I might make a small amount off of your purchase. If you decide to buy something from this list, I really appreciate you using my link! XOX.

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